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Praise the Lord! Evangelist David Anthony Campbell is my name. I am popularly called David Kindle. I was born in Nottingham, England. I am disabled and currently going strong with domiciliary care services. I am so delighted to write this book to testify to the healing power of God in my life. I was in despair of sickness, I lost hope of survival, the Consultant in the Queen Medical Centre Nottingham gave me few weeks to live when he discovered that my kidneys had failed, but God had mercy on me, delivered me from the power of death and divinely healed me and got my kidneys functioning again. This book is a great testimony of God’s unconditional love for me through Christ’s suffering, crucifixion and resurrection.

“But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripe we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5.



Healing Testimony


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Healing Testimony of David A. Campbell

The motivation behind this book is God Who had proven the Consultant wrong because he said I had a few weeks to live, but I have outlived that. God also saved someone who was about to commit suicide due to what he had been through in life. He attended the Prophet Uebert Angel Church (Spirit Embassy) in Birmingham for the first time where he heard me sharing my testimonies in the church, he shed tears and came to find out from me if my testimonies were true. A soul was delivered that day – Glory be to God. Based on these, I have decided to put the story of my testimonies in a moderately sized book titled "The Healing Testimony of David Campbell" to encourage people, save many lives and help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.


I am Dr Bishop Joan Richards, an Apostle of Elohim Ministry. I have known Evangelist David Campbell and his family for over twenty years and have the pleasure to serve as his Pastor. I have seen some of his great struggles and can confirm his testimony of God’s unconditional favour and grace. This book is a great and powerful testimony of God’s unconditional love and healing that all can receive. I believe this book will deliver people and give them hope and faith in God.

Dr Bishop Joan Richards, Apostle of Elohim Ministry


My name is Pastor Castro Banefe. I am, by the grace of God, the founder and Senior Pastor of the Regenerated Church of God currently located on 18A Peveril Street, NG7 4AH, Nottingham. I have known Evangelist David Campbell since 2016 and ever since then we have been relating as brethren. During his sickness, the Consultant told him he was having a multiple organs (kidney, liver and lung) failure which would shortly result to his death. On the basis on this, he was given four weeks to live. Evangelist David was encouraged that if he has faith in God and His word, he will live according to Psalm 118:17, by the grace of God, he has outlived the four weeks over two years ago.  This book is a story of his healing testimony to encourage other believers on divine healing that is given to all through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Castro F. E. Banefe, Senior Pastor of the Regenerated Church of God


I am Pele Liburd, by the grace of God, I am born again and a practising Christian. I have known David over the years (more than 10 years precisely) and recently met him again when I heard that he was very sick and close to death. As eyewitness, I have seen the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ in his life, revived him and restored his health. David loves to minister in gospel songs. May the good Lord bless him more in his endeavours.

Pele Liburd, GEM Ministry





I was born into the family of Mr Johny Campbell and Mrs Doreen Campbell in Nottingham, England. I attended both primary and high schools in Nottingham. I grew up under my mother who was very loving and caring during her lifetime. My parents are British Jamaicans. I speak both Jamaican patois and English language fluently. I am a family man, blessed with children and grandchildren.

I lived most of my life for volunteer works in Nottingham, such as Sickle Cell Fund Raising, Council Research and Charity Supports before I retired into the music industry. I started singing when I was fourteen years old, but I discovered in 1982 that I could do better when I switched my music talent to gospel songs.

I became an ordained Evangelist in 2007 at the “Strong Tower Church of Holy Spirit” in Nigeria.  It was a glorious experience in my life. Since my ordination, the inspiration of God in gospel music has ever been increasing. God has raised me to have my own musical band before I became ill. I produced my first gospel music album in 2007 titled, “My God is real” and wrote my first book in 2021 titled, “Healing Testimony of David A. Campbell

David Anthony Campbell.



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